Australia’s first Pole Top Mounted Battery Systems

PowerTec designed and manufactured Australia’s first pole-mounted Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The two systems in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs Highett and Blackrock, have been in Business-as-Usual network operation for about a year. Pole-mounted BESSs support the community and the network by allowing for more solar penetration, managing peak demand and reducing stress on the distribution network. The PowerTec BESS can also operate with a retailer to access wholesale energy and ancillary services markets, providing further benefits. It is more efficient, robust, and versatile than its residential counterpart.

Utilising PowerTec’s PowerCache® hardware platform, pole-mounted units are available in sizes up to 70kVA and 85kWh. The PowerCache® hardware platform supports the latest in fast response services such as Fast Frequency Response, inertia and FCAS. Transformer-coupled PWM-based power conversion technology rather than solar-type inverter technology achieves the robustness needed for the grid to handle high phase, load, voltage and angle imbalances as well as over-currents.

The overlaid PaDECS® software platform performs local voltage support and peak lopping based on its reliable, sub-second cycling control. At the same time, it calculates smart model-based and rule-based optimal combinations of network support, solar energy absorption, and energy market services functions, providing benefits to all stakeholders. This complex functionality is achieved with PaDECS® locally on the BESS, employing sophisticated algorithms.

In addition, PaDECS® also integrates directly with the internet. Take advantage of the PaDECS® cloud platform and connect the BESSs with market participants for integration with energy company portfolios as well as orchestration of multiple units to operate as a virtual power plant (VPP)!

The PowerTec PowerCache® and PaDECS® platforms allow networks and retailers to share value streams that benefit their customers and the wider energy system. PowerTec’s technology is the culmination of 10 years of hardware and software development, field-tested and ready for deployment and integration into your network operations.

Want to join us in shaping the electricity network transformation?

Want to join us shaping the electricity network transformation?


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