Collaboration on developing a PaDECS

Freestyle Technology Pty Ltd (Freestyle) and Power Technology Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd (PowerTec) are collaborating to develop a Parallel Distributed Electrical Assets Control System (PaDECS).

PaDECS improves the stability, reliability of supply, and the economics of operating constrained or isolated power grid segments. Such segments typically include distributed generation, renewables, battery energy storage systems or demand control. The benefits are achieved using a network of intelligent devices controlling the power assets within the grid. The PaDECS solution is attractive where conventional approaches to power supply or grid enhancement are costly and where renewables are to be integrated.

Energy consumers can enjoy more reliable, stable supply. Electricity suppliers and grid operators can reduce capital investments required while increasing grid flexibility out to the furthest reaches. Easier and more efficient use of renewable energy sources will deliver environmental benefits.

The companies started collaborating in early 2015 and a formal agreement was finalised in December. Leveraging Freestyle’s proven IoT (Internet of Things) platform and PowerTec’s distributed power systems monitoring and control experience, the PaDECS project will deliver greater flexibility using new or existing infrastructure.

One of the first projects to implement PaDECS is the ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) funded project AESKB (Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank), led by the University of Adelaide. SA Power Networks plan to deploy later in 2016. PowerTec currently provides project engineering. Freestyle teamed with PowerTec are preferred suppliers for the control system.

Passionate about the electricity network transformation?

Passionate about the electricity network transformation?


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