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PaDECS®: Parallel Distributed Energy Resources Control System


Distributed energy management, control and monitoring system: Fast communication, smart control at the edge, full interconnection for functional aggregation of utility, commercial, and residential power assets, including:

  • renewables (Solar PV, Wind, …)
  • energy storage systems
  • feeders
  • spinning generators (Diesel, Gas, Microturbine, …)
  • DREDs
  • home energy systems

PaDECS operates both, on-grid and off-grid. PaDECS is implemented on a lightweight, yet fast and powerful Internet-of-things (IoT) platform.

PaDECS® and PowerCache® - Building Blocks for the Autonomous Grid

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PowerCache®: Grid Stabilising Battery Energy Storage System


Modular, scalable turn-key systems (10kVA/10kWh – 8MVA/6MWh per unit) with “Dynamic Virtual Synchronous Machine” and “Dynamic Electricity Market Access” functionality:

  • Technical and commercial design and integration of Microgrids, Smart Embedded Networks and Virtual Power Plants
  • System sizing, economic/technical modelling, design and project engineering services for Distributed Energy Resources, Grid Battery Energy Storage, and Microgrids in commercial, community or utility applications
  • Network technical and protection studies
  • Performance and compliance testing, commissioning and maintenance services for 3rd party energy storage systems

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PowerCache® 250kVA / 270kWh Goulburn Ultra Rapid EV Charging Station, NSW and AusNet Mooroolbark Minigrid, VIC.
PaDECS® Gateway/Controller

Want to join us in shaping the electricity network transformation?

Want to join us shaping the electricity network transformation?


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