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Microgrid and Power System Strength Products & Solutions - Electrical Technology at the Core of an Emission-Free Grid

PowerTec supports industry and utilities in powering their sites or networks more sustainably, resiliently and autonomously. Our end-to-end products and systems generate power system strength, augment the available power, reduce energy costs and unlock energy market revenue. Or they form a utility grid-quality industrial off-grid network. PowerCache® 'Grid-in-a-Box' Inverter-Battery System and PaDECS® edge-processing Microgrid Control System form an integrated power solution that makes microgrids work for your demanding C&I operation. PowerTec ensures utility network-grade power system strength on restricted feeders or off-grid with up to 100% renewable generation.


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About PowerTec

PowerTec is an Australian leader in smart power resilience technology

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Join us in transforming the elec-tricity grid for 100% renewables!

Use Cases

PowerTec solutions combine power supply resilience with energy market access for Industrial & Commercial Microgrids, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Embedded Networks and Renewable Generators


PaDECS® and PowerCache® - Building Blocks for the Autonomous Grid

PaDECS® and PowerCache® - Building Blocks for the Autonomous Grid

Why Choose PowerTec?

Systems with Deep Integration – We Make Microgrids Work for You

We design, code, manufacture & commission systems integrated into your site

We do it Smart

We combine sophisticated design and functionality with effective supply partner solutions.

Let's Work & Grow Together

As a flexible, family-owned company, PowerTec works collaboratively with its clients and partners.

Why Choose PowerTec’s Products and Solutions?

Disruptive Technology & Industrial Robustness

PowerTec's capabilities have been demonstrated through multiple reference projects in transformative energy applications.

Site Power Supply Resilience & Wholesale Energy Market Access

PowerTec systems support you in operating on a constrained or unreliable network and accessing energy wholesale & ancillary services markets.

Front of the Meter (Community) & Behind the Meter (C&I site) Solutions

The PaDECS platform enables fast, consistent distributed control and stakeholder access, bridging utility and commercial energy systems.