About PowerTec: Who We Are

Power Technology Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd (PowerTec) is an independent, Australian, family-owned energy technology company and system integrator. We are a highly motivated and experienced team with technical core competencies in distributed energy resources (DER) functional & control design, power systems engineering, control engineering, embedded software design, communications engineering, electrical design, system integration engineering, commissioning and field services.

PowerTec has established a network of tier-1 supply and service partners for its inverter and battery components and mechanical manufacturing. We maintain several R&D partnerships with industry and academia.

We use an Integrated Management System according to ISO9001:2015 (Quality), ISO14001:2015 (Environment), and AS/NZS4801:2001 / ISO 45001:20187 (OH&S). We strive to provide systems & services that are highly flexible, fast, smart, interconnected and adapted to individual customer needs. PowerTec’s products and systems are both reliable and disruptive, PowerTec’s solutions are comprehensive, and we keep learning and growing together with our customers. These are just a few of the core values reflected in our Quality Policy.

Our Core Team

Power Technology Engineered Solutions operates with a network of highly qualified partners in solar PV design, power systems design, control engineering, process automation and energy efficiency engineering.

Dr. Michael R Jansen

Dr. Michael R Jansen – MD and Principal Engineer

Michael is Power Technology Engineered Solutions’ founder, managing director and principal engineer. He looks back at twenty years of experience as a business unit manager at various global energy and industrial solution providers. Michael gathered his business knowledge during assignments in Germany, India, China and Australia and has been excited about innovative control and power systems engineering since he started working in this field thirty years ago.

Michael has been pivotal in developing and implementing ground-breaking Australia Microgrid and Grid Battery Energy Storage projects in a former industry role and, since, 2014, with PowerTec. He holds a doctoral degree in Control Engineering / Machine Learning from the University of Duisburg, Germany.

Dermott Sullivan

Dermott Sullivan – Product Manager, Secondary Systems Engineer

Dermott manages PowerTec’s product standardization and supply chain and engineers our protection, field device control and communication system.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer & Network) from RMIT University.

Being with PowerTec almost since its inception, he has made pivotal contributions to PowerTec’s power resilience solutions.

Olzhas Khabiyev

Olzhas Khabiyev – Project Delivery Manager

Olzhas has twenty years of energy infrastructure project management and electrical engineering experience. He holds electrical engineering and business management degrees.

As Project Delivery Manager, Olzhas stands for PowerTec’s project delivery capabilities to meet the requirements of the expanding product delivery quantities and project sizes in power supply resilience solutions.

David Le Blanc

David Le Blanc – Head of Software Engineering

David is an experienced Software Solutions Architect with a thirty-year history of working in the information technology, services and electrical utility industry. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) focused on Computer Science from RMIT.

As Head of Software Engineering, David leads the design and development of end-to-end software architectures and solutions, translating functional and electrical system requirements to applications using the full stack of modern technologies.

Setareh Mahmoudian

Setareh Mahmoudian – Finance Manager

As Finance and Business Admin Manager, Setareh maintains the company’s accounts, manages the financial processes, and controls the business quality processes.

She holds a Diploma of Accounting from the Central Institute of Technology, Perth, a Certificate IV of Accounting and Bookkeeping, as well as OHSE qualifications. Her engineering background gives her a deep understanding of the business processes.

Want to join us in shaping the electricity network transformation?

Want to join us shaping the electricity network transformation?


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