250kVA / 270 kWh Ultra Rapid EV Charging Battery (Chargefox)

PowerTec, on the 29/4/2020, delivered its first of a fleet of EV-charging station batteries for Australia’s biggest and fastest growing public EV charging network owner, Chargefox. The 250kVA / 270kWh PowerCache® delivers benefits for the owner (Chargefox), the energy company (Hydro Tasmania), the network, and the site operator (Goulburn Budget Petrol Station) – all at once! It primarily serves as an EV-charging buffer, allowing for ultra-fast charging despite a weak grid connection. Further benefits include electricity markets services (incl. FCAS), and site back-up power (including islanding as a microgrid), as well as network support.

Want to join us in shaping the electricity network transformation?

Want to join us shaping the electricity network transformation?


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