Factory Acceptance Test of the University of Adelaide’s new tri-generator grid connection and battery energy storage system

PowerTec was honoured to host the University of Adelaide and their local project partners Sarah Constructions and SAGE Automation for the Factory Acceptance Test of the new tri-generator #gridconnection and #batteryenergystorage system. And it looks like it passed with (almost ?) no open points.
The system will allow for a network-compliant and efficiency-optimised (emissions-minimised) #grid integration of a Tri-Generator (#electricity, heating and cooling) at a University of Adelaide building.
The generator integrates through a rectifier–inverter setup with a DC-coupled #battery .
A customised PowerTec PowerCache® system comprises the grid connection, #inverter#rectifier, and battery systems and is dynamically controlled by a PaDECS® #microgrid #control system. PowerCache’s settable fault current and power control dynamics ensure grid compliance and operational #resilience, while the battery provides optimal generator loading and operating reserve. Secondary applications include demand reduction, export limiting, network voltage support and #energy arbitrage at the wholesale #energymarket.
Local partners of the university deliver the project management, owner’s engineering, #buildingautomation systems integration, campus #SCADA integration, and installation works.

As the equipment is transported from the factory to the site for installation and commissioning, stay tuned to learn with us about the outcome!