PowerTec deploys novel PowerCache® feature at an industrial site – The no-break grid-parallel UPS

On the 12th of August 2021 PowerTec successfully tested the no-break grid-parallel UPS function with the PowerCache Battery Energy Storage System, as mains power was lost at a food factory in Hanhdorf, South Australia.

This was the first time the UPS feature was used during operation of the industrial site with a load of almost the full power capacity of the PowerCache®. The PowerCache® is a virtual synchronous machine with Fast Frequency Response, synthetic inertia and now UPS capability. This additional functionality is required to provide ride through capability on a Loss of Mains (LoM) event. It means the whole factory has uninterrupted supply and can continue operations as normal during a brownout or blackout.

By using a combination of grid-parallel voltage source mode operation and special ‘Passive and Active Loss of Mains detection’ method, the PowerCache® was able to detected a loss of supply event whilst maintaining a stable voltage to the factory. This allowed seamless transition from grid to island mode, automatically and instantaneously. Yet the function never compromises grid safety standards; for example, a secondary network anti-islanding protection will trigger, should the transition to islanding the site fail for any reason.

The PowerCache® is also powerful enough that together with the new solar installation, it can provide stable, ride through capability such that the solar inverters don’t trip during a LoM event.  And during normal times of operation the PowerCache® preforms voltage control/reactive power control,  peak lopping, reducing demand charges and absorbing excess solar generation.

Passionate about the electricity network transformation?

Passionate about the electricity network transformation?


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