PowerTec officially launch PowerCache® – Microgrid “In a Box” – with live demonstration event.

On the 25th June, PowerTec brought together some of the key players in the energy industry to officially unveil the PowerCache® Battery/Stabiliser – Advanced Microgrid “In a Box”. 

The PowerCache® has been in the making for a number of years and brings together the latest in electrical hardware, realtime software, intuitive industrial design and power electronics. 

Attendees were amazed as the entire PowerTec office and workshop was powered by the PowerCache®. We created a Microgrid by segregating the network connection instantantly with audience participation, always a fun experience! Also showcased was the frequency response capabilities which will unlock additional revenue streams for our customers.    

A big thank you to all those who attended the event, we had a fantastic time showcasing our 250kVA/273kWh PowerCache® battery/stabiliser.

Want to join us in shaping the electricity network transformation?

Want to join us shaping the electricity network transformation?


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